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For example, both descriptive and persuasive writing could be used in a review or essay in which the reader’s objective is to convince their audience based on what has been written. The essay is required to go into more depth about a certain topic, but how it is written is specific.

One would not illustrate their own opinion in an essay, but would look at relevant aspects to further examine the point.

These may include analysis of mise-en-scéne, props, figural expressions from characters and how the camera shots are created.

Those concerning the male gaze being films such as may be more applicable to the auteur theory.

Scenes analysed, therefore, support the essay claim based on the title and justify the arguments.

For example, an essay question may ask – “to what extent does Alfred Hitchcock display the auteur theory and male gaze in his films?

” In this one, both of these theories must be researched, applied to Hitchcock, then textually analysis must be done of the relevant films.This strategy is to be repeated in the main body before drawing up your summarised conclusion.When writing essays in general, there are boundaries concerning style of written language.This could either be factual information (which could surprise the reader) or a justifiable example.The purpose of the paragraph must be necessary, too, in order to help support the argument claim.When it comes to writing for film and media, though, all four of these sorts can be used.In any sector where publishing one’s writing, there are various types into which one can subvert their writing style. Although it can often depend on the subject area, writing essays is a fundamental task for any forthcoming assignments during college and higher education studies.Although the reader knows that the author is writing in their own voice from their own idea, they are not speaking the voice of opinion.The reader must be on an equal level to the writer.The film essay could also be a useful resource for people, such as students, who are either required to write about a related subject or will use the essay’s research in their work towards an independent project (such as a Master’s or Ph D thesis).Of course, anyone can choose to read the essays but their target readers are primarily academics or learning ones.


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