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It must be understood from the very onset that it was Joyce was borrowed heavily from Homer's Odyssey thus making the latter a more original version.

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On the contrary, Achilles wins eternal glory as he openly turns down the choice of a long, comfortable, and sedentary life at home. [Read More] For the most part women in the Odyssey are essentially one of three things: sexualized monsters, in the form of Circe, Calypso, the Sirens, and even Scylla; asexual helpers and servants, in the form of Athena and Eurycleia; and finally, seemingly helpless damsels, in the form of Penelope.

The text appears to encourage this particular aspect of judging character and extends it even to the gods. To this one may add what is essentially the lowest of the low class within the poem, those women who are sexually liberated but who do not even have supernatural power to defend their desire for sexual autonomy, namely, Penelope's maids.

The way he turned an unoriginal plot into an interesting, crisp and fresh story is something only a genius could achieve.

In Ulysses, the heroic deeds of Odyssey are transformed into……

Circe is so beautiful and charming that Odysseus can barely tear himself from her, even…… Little is known about the "life history of this principle figure of ancient Greek literature, the first European poet," dates back to 700 B. [Read More] Works Cited The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language; Fourth Edition, Houghton Mifflin Company.

[Read More] Bibliography The Odyssey." The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces. HOMER, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Seventh Edition, Odysseus, the Hero. Available at 6, 2002) Although each of them has a different method of enticement, they all have the same goal: to hinder him in his way back.

[Read More] Odysseus waits for the Cyclops to return home because he "wanted to see the owner himself, in the hope that he might give me a present." (Homer, ook IX) Odysseus introduces himself and his men to the Cyclops as essentially being mass murderers, and they expect that the Cyclops will present them with gifts and offerings for these deeds.

"We therefore humbly pray you to show us some hospitality, and otherwise make us such presents as visitors may reasonably expect." (Homer, ook IX) it may appear ridiculous that Odysseus expects the Cyclops to show him hospitality and give him presents after he has broken into his home, stolen his food, and declared that they have caused widespread destruction and killed many people.

It is obvious that all of these characters are quiet interesting and complex, but their identities seem to be limited by a set number of unchanging characteristics. As a constant element, the juxtaposition of opposites is less emotional and more intellectual in its effect.

From this standpoint, it is clear that Odysseus and Telemachus break this mold. There are other details of both tragedies and epics that Aristotle identifies and describes in Poetics that could be used to draw a comparison between Oedipus Rex and the Odyssey, but even more effective for such a comparison are the direct statements Aristotle makes regarding the differences between epics and tragedies.


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