Npr This I Believe Essay

He probably doesn’t even OWN a salmon-colored button-down shirt.” Simon next plays a few sentences from my show, bleeping out the word “fuck.” Then he interrupts and says, “A lot of profanity.

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” Clearly Scott Simon didn’t get the memo that fearing dirty words is not something most of America is doing anymore.

Americans are far more worried about where their next paycheck will come from or how to get healthcare for their sick child.

As this post and yesterday’s article by Mark Ames attest, we are now in the midst of a full-bore fake news onslaught against some well-known media figures who dare to be to the left of the fauxgressives.

This incident, NPR’s attack on comedy host Lee Camp, is not what you’d see from a confident elite.

He seems to play it as if it reveals the truth, rather than being a joke.

Furthermore, assuming Simon did even an ounce of research, he knows that I’ve been doing the same type of material in my stand-up comedy act for decades – long before I was every on RT.

If you look at the situation our country is in and don’t say “FUCK” to yourself, then you aren’t paying attention.

, one of the biggest weapons contractors riding the Russia hysteria to billions of dollars in profits.

This would be like saying “American programming is no longer ads where a little girl with a daisy is killed by a nuclear blast.

Now it’s t Scott Simon knows the truth, but he’s keeping it from his audience. Simon knows I’m an American in America covering American news for Americans.


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