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In his book "Nostradamus, Bibliomancer: The Man, the Myth, the Truth," Peter Lemesurier, a former Cambridge linguist and author of nearly a dozen books on the French seer, concludes that Nostradamus was neither a doctor nor an astrologer, nor even (by his own admission) a prophet.He merely believed that history repeats itself, and thus projected known past events into the future.

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This wide variety of interpretations helps the prophecies come "true," since if one translation doesn't really support the historical evidence, another can often be found that fits better.

Often even Nostradamus scholars can't agree on what he was trying to say.

Perhaps the most famous assertion made in the past 20 years was that Nostradamus predicted the September 11, 2011, terrorist attacks.

It's a story that circulated widely in late 2001, and is still widely believed.

Sol, Mars, in conjunction with the lion, and then Marmande.

Lightning, great war, wall falls into the Garonne." What in the world does this mean?

Accurate or not, for a man who hasn't written anything in well over 400 years, Nostradamus's works and biographies show no signs of slowing down.

Welcome to the most accurate Nostradamus website on the Internet.

Why read false Nostradamus prophecies when we provide the original Old French quatrains and an Old French dictionary to look up the word definitions. Nostradamus used the real names of Pasteur and Franco, and clever wordgames to disguise the names of the antichrists Napoleon, Hitler and Saddam Hussein: NOSTRADAMUS QUATRAIN #1-1 Being seated at night in my secret study, Estant assis de nuict secret estude, Alone, sitting upon a stool of brass; Seul repose sus la selle d'aerain; A revealing flame shall leap forth from the solitude, Flambe exigue sortant de solitude, Granting that which is not to be believed in vain. CLICK HERE FOR OLD FRENCH DICTIONARY Quatrain #1-1: In this poem Nostradamus explains to us the exact method he employs to receive his visions of the future.

At night he retreats to his secret study and uses a method similar to that of the ancient Greeks, at the Oracle of Delphi, who also used a stool of brass.


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