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This summary will determine if someone, be it an investor or potential staff member, will continue reading.

For example, if you have a growing volunteer community and require a dedicated staff member, say that you are looking for one and what their qualifications should be.

This section is where you detail how you plan to raise awareness for your cause.

As your nonprofit grows, or if it’s already been active for some years, these sections may be essential to providing readers with a comprehensive look at your organization.

Sometimes called “Market Research” or a “Needs Analysis,” this is where you put what you have learned about other nonprofits in this area.

Your marketing section should include examples of past campaigns and their effectiveness, if possible, and as space allows.

Here you need to list where your finances stand today as well as a 3-to-5 year projection.This section is a prime space for charts, graphs, and other visual material.Once you have provided all the basics, talk about what you plan to do if there is a surplus from any activity. This is the place to put any miscellaneous supporting documents like financial statements, endorsements or agreements.They may be as short as seven pages long, one for each of these essential sections, or up to 30 pages long as your organization grows and becomes more complicated. This is the easiest part but should not be overlooked. You should make sure your nonprofit’s name about is 2-3 inches from the top of the page.Below it, you need to have the following details: You can draft this up first, but it should be the last thing you work on.If you have any strategies or research to your credit or benefit that have not been mentioned elsewhere that will be an essential part of your nonprofit, include them in this section of your business plan.This section would go after your “Management Team” or “Key Roles” summary.As a nonprofit, you more than likely won’t be producing a product.(If you do, the complexities regarding your tax status and whether it is or is not eligible should be discussed with a qualified accountant or attorney.) As such, you should focus on what services you offer and how you plan to offer them.Your business plan, once complete, should not only help you achieve those goals, but also provide you with a clear pathway to success.It should frequently be referenced during key decision-making times to stay on track and to make sure your not for profit organization always adheres to its stated vision.


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