Narrative Essay Greed

Later in the epic, Beowulf fights the dragon for killing all these people: “Once again the king gathered his strength and drew a stabbing knife he carried on his belt, sharpened for battle. The dragon learns this the hard way, as does Grendel.

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Narrative Essay Greed

HIS ACTIONS SHOW that he has such a selfish desire for the treasure that he is willing to cause havoc on the whole entire town even though he should be looking for just one person. THE DRAGON’S DEFEAT SHOWS that being greedy does not end well for oneself. She asked him to be satisfied with whatever he had. He wanted to be the richest man of the town in a short time. Next day he killed the hen, hoping that he would get many eggs of gold from the hen., the message that the poem delivers is that greed will ultimately lead to one’s downfall which is shown by the dragon, Beowulf, Grendel, and Grendel’s mother.The dragon is a prime example of greed and how it can lead to one’s downfall.After being rewarded a sword from Hrothgar, Beowulf’s peaceful reign of fifty years is rudely interrupted by a dragon finding out a thief has stolen his treasure: “When the dragon awoke, trouble flared again.He ends up killing the dragon but not before the dragon bites him: “Then the wound dealt by the ground-burner earlier began to scald and swell; Beowulf discovered deadly poison suppurating inside him, surges of nausea, and so, in his wisdom, the prince realized his state and struggles towards a seat on the rampart” (lines 2711.5-2717).The dragon’s bite begins to hurt Beowulf and he realizes he does not have much time left in his life.A pardoner is a person that could relieve someone from their sins.In the case of the Pardoners Tale, the Pardoner expects money for relieving sinners from their sins and for telling a story. But he was shocked to find that there was only one egg in the belly of the hen. He felt Sorry for his foolish act but it was too late. Impatience and greed for money had made him crazy and foolish. The greedy fellow was ashamed by everyone for what he had done. He had got a golden opportunity, but he spoiled it because of his unwise and greedy nature. He thought that in this way he would become the richest man of the town. She further told him to patiently wait for better times. He was overjoyed to think that soon he would have a lot of wealth.


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