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Public behaviour and the culture that springs from it is in thrall to the policy that is thrust upon it, and this is felt most acutely by those who perceive themselves as having the least amount of security.

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It is part of larger class struggle which only deepens as wealth disparity grows whose subtleties when applied to us acutely, have many names; Jim Crow, redlining, high-density housing, acute unemployment, the war on drugs, police brutality, unfair sentencing, juvenile criminalisation, apartheid, slavery.

As that trauma travels it makes landfall in our lived reality.

In a legal first, the police have obtained a court order effectively banning drill music being made without their permission.

This is a nonsensical act of censorship that once again seeks to weaponise, criminalise and ultimately sensationalise black expression.

Increasingly, the debate is focusing on the "culture" of violence, and on the normalization of aggression and the lack of empathy in our society.

Music Censorship Essays

Study after study has shown that viewing encourages aggression and desensitization in children. Media violence causes violence among those who are exposed to it.

Hydra-like conflicts driven by a toxic sludge of thinly veiled corporate interest and unilateralist foreign policy engulf the world in cycles of arms trading, war, regime change, terror and counter terror.

Images of which are beamed into our consciousness 24 hours a day.

Gunboat diplomacy goes hand in hand with neoliberal economic policy.

Ultimately greed and selfishness have lead to wealth disparity so wide that it renders the notion of a coherent national interest in which every citizen has an equal stake entirely false.


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