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In an increasingly digital, global economy, there are ever more work opportunities in English.If your chosen field mainly involves the mastery of a universal skill, intermediate English may be all you need to find work abroad.Posted on 10th of July 2019 Young people everywhere are becoming increasingly mobile.

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HSBC’s 2018 ‘Expat Explorer’ survey found that 50% of respondents earned more as an expat than they had at home.

If you stand to make a lot more money working abroad, consider creating saving targets and plan initially for only a temporary stay.

And for those who have found a job already it can be very much the easier option to stay at home.

But, contrary to these suspicions, moving abroad can be great for your career, and doesn’t have to involve big sacrifices. There are many exciting gains to be made by taking the plunge and settling overseas.

Before you make up your mind, we will run you through a few of the big things to consider.

The surest way to put yourself off moving to a new country is to start worrying about the logistics.

Check out our advice on how to prepare for a big move.

While setting up in a new country may demand a bit of investment to start off with, for many the potential rewards are well worth it. Perhaps your chosen field is going through a downturn, or just simply isn’t as big in your own country as it is elsewhere.

If you aren’t ready to start a career, there are many programmes for students and young people who are eager to work abroad, including volunteer projects and temporary paid work.

Volunteering can be extremely valuable for your career, giving you the opportunity to work for a good cause while at the same time gaining rewarding experience.


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