Math Problem Solving Graphic Organizer

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Use the graphic organizer and model how you would solve this problem. Split students up into groups of four and give them the first box of the problem solving graphic organizer.

My students always want to jump in at this point and help solve it, which is great, but encourage them to just listen and absorb. I would enlarge this onto 11x14 paper so that group members can see and to facilitate sharing later on.

For example, a Venn diagram can be used to identify similarities and differences between rational and irrational numbers.

Graphic organizers develop skills in identifying connections and relationships, which can assist students in solving word problems.

Using an organizer to solve a word problem may include organizing given information or developing a plan for solving the problem.

A sequence chart asks the student to demonstrate each step of a process in an individual box and can be adapted for use in solving a mathematics word problem .You are setting them up for success and helping to change their mindset about math. Solving word problems in math classes is often one of the most challenging aspects of mathematics for students.The teacher may adapt a popular step-by-step strategy, such as Polya's four-step method, for use in a sequence chart.This method of approaching word problems includes developing an understanding of the problem, devising a plan, carrying out the plan and looking back at the solution.This is where you need to circulate to catch the speed racers who are skipping the first two boxes and going straight to Box 3 - Solve.This lesson may take more than one class period but it is so worth it to take the time to teach your students how to use a problem solving graphic organizer properly.Graphic organizers can be used in a variety of ways in the math classroom.They provide a way for students to keep track of key terms and develop examples or illustrations to aid in understanding.You can get a free version of the problem solving organizer here.My biggest take-away from being back in a regular class last year was that until I know what my students know I need to assume that they don't know what I assume they should know. I don't think you should always model math concepts first but in this case I wanted to teach them the problem solving process and I wanted them to do it my way.


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