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Although there is no evaluation grid for the thesis proposal, the committee members will submit written comments to the thesis supervisor before the approval meeting between the thesis supervisor, the committee members and the student.

The thesis supervisor and the committee members will meet to discuss their evaluation of the thesis proposal with the student, who will be advised on how to improve the quality of his/her research.

A master’s thesis must show that the student truly applies a scientific approach to research and understands the main questions and doctrine related to the chosen topic.

The thesis must also put forth an original contribution, which, as an article, could be published without major corrections.

The final text should range in length between 20,000 and 25,000 words but may not exceed 35,000 words (between 100 and 130 pages).

The thesis is comprised of the following steps: The thesis supervisor, or co-supervisor, will form a thesis committee to help guide the thesis, and may discuss the selection of thesis committee members with the student.A thesis submitted in article format must meet the following requirements: Master’s students must submit a service request through uo Zone four weeks before submitting their thesis for evaluation, failing to do so will delay the evaluation process.Do you have a bachelor’s degree and want to continue studies in Canada?At the end of the day, both will give you the master title but you will graduate with a different set of skills and knowledge.Course-based programs are designed to prepare students for the professional career.Classes are usually structured to include not only lectures but also teamwork and examination of case studies.For example, MBA students (course-based degree in business administration) learn toapply the solutions and strategies taught by their professors within the narrow contexts of case studies.When requesting ethics approval, the student will need to submit a duly signed copy of the Approval of the Master of Arts in Education (MA) Thesis Proposal as proof that the thesis proposal has been approved.The monograph thesis is the most usual form in the humanities and social sciences and it resembles a non-fiction book in that it deals in depth with a particular topic.The thesis usually follows a simple overall format: it begins with an introduction, which is followed by a main section or several sections, and ends with a conclusion.The students should keep these in mind but also remember that not all of these components will be required or even recommended for the particular field of study, so it is always best if they check with their own academic unit and supervisor.


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