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These lines reflect Lady Macbeth’s own philosophy of power, in which only individuals who are willing to set their morality aside will rise to greatness.They also show that she is a sound judge of character, and understands her husband very well.The typical roles of masculinity and femininity are often reversed as desire for power increases.

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Macbeth speaks this line after he has become king, but continues to feel restless and insecure.

“A pondered, premeditated crime is often punished worse than one of someone who was persuaded at the time.” (Rae, 2000. After Macbeth is king of Scotland, he begins to wonder about his friend Banquo.

Macbeth Draft Ambition is highlighted all throughout the play 'Macbeth '.

He is afraid that he might lose his position and is also frustrated by the fact that he has no heir.

Without the knowledge that his lineage will continue after him, Macbeth finds it meaningless to be king.


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