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Till then, you can find me writing about an Austen in all her craziness.Sometimes I look at what I write and draw, and I just realize, "Hmmm Aliisa, you're kind of strange." And then I go to our cultural masterpieces like "Pride and Prejudice," knowing every Jane Austen novel has an undercurrent of that girl kicking her characters out windows.

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In the real world, this means turning down the awful aristocrat Hamish, despite the wishes of her family and an entire garden party gathered to witness her acceptance.

While Alice refuses to wear her corset, and prefers gazing at clouds to dancing quadrilles, she doesn’t know if she has the courage to assert her own wishes against such oppressive expectations. Here, Burton and Woolverton slip Alice into the role of the young boy (another impossible thing) in ‘Jabberwocky’, the nonsense poem included in .

And I think, "Eh, we're all pretty weird," so might as well keep doing what I'm doing.

sees Lewis Carroll’s Alice returning to ‘Underland’ at the age of 19, falling down a hole in pursuit of the familiar white rabbit, and more importantly in flight from an unwelcome marriage proposal.

Currently, I'm typesetting and illustrating her "Frederic and Elfrida" in his appearance that leads her to accept him.

Young Jane Austen's writing has all the sharpness, wit, and careful control of language you would expect from the author of "Emma" and "Persuasion." The content on the other hand is a little more... One of my favorite lines in this text: IT'S AMAZING.She has no memory of her childhood visit, and the fantastical characters debate among themselves whether she is in fact ‘the right Alice’.But of course, really this is a question Alice herself must answer: can she remain the free spirit with the wild imagination that was encouraged by her late father, or must she ‘grow up’ and learn to conform to Victorian Britain’s expectations of a young woman of her social class?The dramatic pay-off at the end is pleasingly unexpected, however.Having slain the Jabberwock and turned down Hamish, Alice announces that she will now take responsibility for her late father’s business.Young Austen clearly took delight in entertainment through language, a combination of the ridiculous and mundane fitted into writing that surprises, inverts tropes, and simultaneously mocks and loves fiction.And that's the start of what I'll be exploring in my thesis!In Lewis Carroll’s original , it is the White Queen who reprimands the exactly-seven-and-a-half-year-old Alice for not trying hard enough to believe that the queen is a hundred and one, five months, and a day.Now Alice has internalised the lesson that believing the impossible requires imaginative effort, and is challenged to act on it.While focusing on a different text, I'll be drawing on my JP experience to inform my thesis process.I'll hopefully keep you updated as this year and my work progresses!


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