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Ocampo won 0 cash and the others received cash.

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The more you go in the wrong way, the more difficult it will be to come back. The law of choice Our life consists of enormous variety and number of choices. Everything has its beginning and end; this is the circle of life.

The pair of opposites keeps the balance, and the existence of opposites creates the variety of life.

Sometimes to understand something you need to see its opposite side.

One opposite can not exist without another one, we need the night to see the day. The law of harmony Human looks for harmony everywhere: inside himself, in the world.

“There was a lot of failures in my life, most of them never happened at all” – these are the words of an old man to his sons before death. Life gives us what we expect to get from it, not what we want. If we ask something we do not even understand what exactly, then we get who knows what. Every person sees or hears what he / she understands, that is why all possible circumstances can not be taken into consideration.

Everything depends on our inner barriers, our own limitations.Juli Mull Leming (left), essay coordinator for the Seven Hills Rotary Club, and Dawn Faulkner (right), AP English teacher and Rome High contest coordinator, pose with winners Sergio Ocampo, Robert Raymond and Elisabeth Ashton.The Seven Hills Rotary Club honored local essay winners during the club’s luncheon on April 21.However you will have to solve these problems anyway and maybe on the new stage of your life. The taxi law If you are not a driver, if you are driven, so the farther you will be taken, the more you will have to pay. Man is also controversial: on the one hand, we seek for stable life, but at the same time on the other hand a kind of dissatisfaction pushes us forward.The intensity of emotions and worries will be stronger, and the price of solving will be higher. If you do not order the route, you may come anywhere. In the world of opposites a person tries to find lost balance in himself, in relationships with other people and with life.It does not always correspond to our ideas and desires.Person, who can not do good things, can not appreciate good from others.The student winners are selected on how well they have applied that Law of Life to their own life.There are similar Laws of Life contests across the nation and internationally, but the Georgia contest is the largest Laws of Life contest in the United States, and the largest essay contest of any kind in North America.Who sets priorities in your life – you or someone else? A person may not move at all and you can not finish the way instead of him and make that person change. The law of new creation To create something new you need to: a) destroy the old one if it is necessary, “clean” the place, make time, mobilize the forces to create the new; b) know what exactly you want to create. If person manages to change something in life, the new changed life will obey the law of balance.Maybe life itself sets them and you just go with the flow? If you do not set off, you will never come to your destination point. The law of development Life makes people solve the problems that they try to avoid, are afraid of solving them. Accepting something we refuse something else at the same time. Do not destroy if you do not know the way to creation. Changes usually happen slowly and painfully because of inertia in thoughts and behaviour, inner resistance and reaction of people who surround you. The law of opposites We can not imagine our life without opposites, there are birth and death, love and hate, friendship and contest, meeting and parting, joy and suffering, loss and gain.


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