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In this study, we are interested in the developmental relation that may exist between spoken language and aloud reading.Both mechanisms require a precise control over speech articulators (e.g.The other finding of the study was that most of the parents and teachers had a negative perception about popular cultural texts.

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tongue, lips) as well as their temporal coordination to produce intelligible phonetic outputs.

Both mechanisms also require children to develop phonological awareness (PA), the knowledge that words are composed of smaller units (syllables, segments).

Last, the effect of both vocabulary and phonological awareness was nonlinear.

Overall, results suggest that vocabulary, phonological awareness and speech motor control tightly interact in the process of developing spoken language fluency and may have a strong impact on children´s coarticulatory organization.

more(in revision, July 2019)The development of phonological awareness, the knowledge of the structural combinatoriality of a language, has been widely investigated in relation to its predictive role for reading (dis)ability across languages.

However, few studies have investigated to what extent phonological awareness may affect spoken language organization, which in (transparent) alphabetical languages, implement phonemic systems years before being explicitly decoded in primary school.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.According the findings of the study, the majority of Turkish language arts teachers and parents of students stated that it is necessary to integrate popular culture texts into Turkish language arts courses.The reason for these ideas was that popular cultural texts will affect the learning-teaching process positively and students will feel more belonging to their school.The technique of ultrasound imaging allowed comparing the articulatory foundations of children´s coarticulatory patterns.Four behavioral tasks assessing various levels of phonological awareness from large to small units and expressive vocabulary were also administered.Spoken language acquisition is shaped by multi-faceted developments in the perception, speech motor and phonological domains.While those develop synergistically in most children, certain speech and language disorders have pointed at...This innovative study presents a dynamic network model of grammar in which all aspects of linguistic structure, including core concepts of syntax (e.g., phrase structure, word classes, grammatical relations), are analyzed in terms of associative connections between different types of linguistic elements.These associations are shaped by domain-general learning processes that are operative in language use and sensitive to frequency of occurrence. Input-driven or constructivist theories of language acquisition gain ground quickly, as both corpus and experimental methods allow us to investigate children’s learning processes in more detail.


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