Lab Report Theory

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Most of the reports say this was a hacking attempt, echoing other reports from late July saying that Russian hackers were either trying to or had successfully hacked the Swiss lab.

Where this gets strange is that after the arrests in March, the Russian government claimed that a report from the Swiss lab identified the poison as BZ, rather than Novichok.

While this announcement of an event that happened months ago is clearly designed to bolster the British government’s account, in reality it does the opposite.

Beginning with Dutch and Swiss media on Thursday night, reports claim that Dutch military intelligence (working with other intelligence agencies including British) detained two men at The Hague in late March, around four weeks after the Skripals were poisoned.

The five-year award will be applied to research on multi-hadron systems via lattice QCD.

The last 24 hours of the Novichok saga has seen a new twist — European media are widely reporting that two Russian spies were caught attempting to either hack or break into the Spiez laboratory in Switzerland that was examining samples from the Salisbury poisoning.

This is either the stupidest disinformation war in years or both sides know a lot more than they’re letting on but can’t say anything without incriminating themselves.

Ohm’s law is the fundamental law of Electrical Engineering.

April 14th: Lavrov claims it was BZ rather than Novichok.

July 31st: New reports of Russian agents trying to hack the Spiez lab.


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