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In other words, whichever aspect of your profile you choose to highlight here, it should be one that is not featured in Essay 1 or 2.

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From there, just focus on presenting your differentiating factors in a narrative format (avoid direct declarations like “What makes me different is X and Y…”) and providing brief but sufficient context as to how you gained or developed these traits.

If you view yourself as a more “typical” applicant, however, you may have difficulty deciding what to spotlight in this essay.

Avoid vague statements about how great the school is and focus on demonstrating a clear connection between your aspirations, what you need to achieve them and what the ISB offers that will enable you to fulfill those needs.

To successfully accomplish this, you will need to do your research.

Forcing the issue and choosing one quality to highlight from each realm just to be safe, rather than offering what genuinely is the most special about you, would unnecessarily weaken your submission.

Essay 2: How does the ISB PGP tie-in with your career goals?

The deeper your knowledge of the school, the easier pinpointing specific resources will be in the context of your future success, and thus, the more effective your essay will be. Essay 3: Pick the most significant achievement (professional or personal) you have had and elaborate on the key learning you took away from it.

This essay prompt involves many of the elements found in a traditional personal statement, and because personal statements are similar from one application to the next, we have produced the mba Mission Personal Statement Guide, which helps applicants write this style of essay for any school. (300 words max) Typically, when an admissions committee asks you to discuss what you have learned from a past event, the event in question is a failure or setback of some sort, but in this case, the ISB wants to know what you learned from a very moment in your life.

The school seems to recognize that success can be as significant a teacher as failure but that many people do not take the time for self-reflection when things go well.

With this question, the ISB hopes not only to learn about a meaningful accomplishment in your life but also to get a glimpse into your personality, as revealed by which incident you choose to highlight and by what you feel you have gleaned from the experience.


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