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These infections irritate the nose, lungs, sinuses and throat, which may trigger asthma flare-ups.

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Up to 80% of children with asthma develop symptoms before the age of five.

For this reason, the proper diagnosis of childhood asthma relies heavily on parents' observations about their child's symptoms.

Weather your asthma is completely manageable and only shows up from time to time, or if you only have to deal with it on a daily basis, either way you have probably gone through your fair share of prescription medications.

These medications, though, are not only expensive, but sometimes they come with their own set of problems, which only add to the Vitamin B-6 helps to boost the immune system, which is important in preventing disease.

Asthma is characterized by three airway problems: obstruction, inflammation and hyper responsiveness.

Asthma patients respond to environmental factors differently than non-asthmatics.

Once asthma is diagnosed, proper treatment and management can occur.

Often the child must use a peak flow meter to measure the flow of air from the lungs.

Because asthma is a chronic disease, it requires careful monitoring and effective treatment.

The treatment of asthma has four main components By working with their doctor to manage their asthma, asthmatics should be able to participate in normal daily activities.


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