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Once you know you have a solution, finish explaining anything that wasn't covered in the earlier steps.

Once you know you have a solution, finish explaining anything that wasn't covered in the earlier steps.

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As meticulous as it is, go through every loop iteration, write down the values of variables at every step, and make sure you don't miss anything!

Interviewers want to see someone who takes pride in knowing that their solution is correct!

Explain what part of the code causes the slowest or most consuming efficiency.

If you don't have enough time to implement it, then explain how you can optimize certain parts of your algorithm. Keep improving, testing, and optimizing your algorithm until your interviewer says that its good enough!

When the question comes up, do you cringe and swallow hard, with sweat forming at your brow as you squirm in your seat?

Or do you appear relaxed, measured, and confident, and sit up straight and tall?Clearly, the second option will reflect more favorably on your perceived ability to confidently face a challenge.Of course, of your voice—is it measured and unwavering or do you sound nervous and hesitant?My first year, I landed interviews with Facebook, Google, Digital Ocean, and more, but I didn't get past the second (technical) round for any of them...I was frustrated, because I was never good at explaining my thought process on the technical problems they gave...until it dawned on me that I was overthinking everything and didn't go into the interview with any strategy.It also shows the interviewer that you can hold a good conversation, solving a problem out loud.Know that you know to solve the problem, writing the code should be pretty easy!This post was originally published on my personal blog. 😄 While I was in college, every time the fall season would roll around, most of my friends would talk about how anxious they were for the school year to start again.For myself, I wasn't so much concerned with school as I was anxious about the beginning of .The steps below have helped me numerous times and I can attest to their ability to aid in landing that big job or internship! The interviewer will give you whatever technical question they have in mind.Follow these steps and it should help reduce nervousness, maintain focus, and impress the interviewer.


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