Internet Influence On Kids Essay

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With social media, they can trace their former friends by simply typing their names or just indicating the school they attended.

Then, the network will do all the dirty work and link them to all people they went to school with.

It is also an avenue where people can express their honest opinions.

People who are naturally shy may say whatever they wish in public forums, without the fear of serious repercussions. What is required is just internet bandwidth and a few keystrokes and users can communicate with virtually anyone on earth.

Social media has also made it possible for people to work from anywhere on earth. Though hired in the same organization, these virtual workgroups are operate from different parts of the earth. On the flip side, the internet is an unregulated world that has no form of morals or laws to abide to.

Young people are exposed to gore images of murder victims, accidents, rape cases or even video footages of gun shootings, violence, verbal outbursts, nudism and explicit sexual content.Just like drug addicts, they will be withdrawn and stressed. People are obsessed with likes and comments and they will do anything to get them on a daily basis.Everything they do, they post them on forums to get some form of approval from strangers.In addition, they can earn a considerable amount of money by running podcasts and vlogs.Social media is also an avenue that they can use to showcase their talents.All these kinds of gore content are in the domain of young people and when consumed for a long time can lead to serious mental breakdowns.For instance, they will start having anxiety attacks and fear of the real world.Social media has been ingrained into our society today to such extent that it is virtually impossible for people to take you seriously, if you are not on any social media platform.Everyone is on social media – young, old, rich, poor etc.Therefore, social media offers an array of opportunities for youth.Popular young people can be hired by corporations to be their brand ambassadors online.


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