Importance Of Extracurricular Activities Essay

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When a student participates in groups or on teams for an extended time, she shows that she is committed to the activity.Longer-term extracurricular experiences also seem more genuine than a high school or college senior who suddenly joins every club possible to bulk up her applications.

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Students in a particular group or on a team share at least one common interest.

The participants may spend a lot of time together, especially participants of a team with regular practices.

Sports, academics, arts, community service — whatever the focus, extracurricular activities keep students busy beyond the school hours.

But those groups, teams and organizations do more than keep kids off the streets.

The extracurricular involvement allows students to make new friends, build relationships and develop social networks that make school easier to navigate.

Getting involved beyond school may introduce students to other people they wouldn't normally meet.

If you have no idea what you want to do in your life, extracurriculars are one way to find out what interests you and what bores you.

And maybe a high school extracurricular will lead to a successful career path.

You will find that you will actually grow as a person when you are participating in activities that you like.

Try to positively impact your community and to really explore your passions and interests. A good way to choose extracurriculars is to ask yourself two questions before you are committed to them.


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