Importance Literacy Essay

In order to get the information students require digital literate teacher and the use of computers in classrooms to make sure the students get the right and adequate information on the matter (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).

Digital technology has made research done by students easy, students are able to access millions of databases found online on the subject of research using search engines such as Google.

People with digital literacy therefore will be more likely to get employment in the growing number of companies using digital technology (EDC, 2005).

A growing number of companies are dealing with innovations, development, and maintenance of digital technology.

I'm grateful for this opportunity to be of service. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois and has consulted and published in the organization development/change management field for major corporations.

Computer literacy in the work place requires prove through numerous certifications (EDC, 2005).

Girls, I would never have studied the financial pages alone! If we have these media literacy skills, we are able to free our minds. And we are able to express our own views creatively and effectively.

To me, having a media literate society is the essence of having a democratic society and a market-based economy.

The certifications to prove digital literacy include ICDL, ECDL, IC, and GDLC.

The curricula for certification often changes with the changing technology making it necessary for people to re-certify in order to remain competitive with the changing technology (Bawden and Robinson, 2008).


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