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To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Introduction To what extent did the hunger strikes in Northern Ireland become the most successful tactic for the progression of Nationalist aims?Meanwhile, other tactics being used involved the severe bombing of Unionist areas and a few campaigns in Britain.

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Public interest would eventually wear off, and so by putting their prisoners lives on the rail, and holding the British responsible, the nationalists could gain far more publicity and put far more pressure on the Thatcher Government.

Ten men would die as a consequence of this strike, a protest towards the status of the prisoners and the treatment of Nationalists by the British.

The IRA made no effort to hide there intentions were to kill Thatcher; "Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once.

You will have to be lucky always." But the fact that the IRA felt they needed to re-engage with the British surely means that the effects of the hunger strike had worn off and in fact no progress had been made.

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The Ulster Unionists, SDLP, Sinn F�in and the Democratic Unionist Party each had ministers by right in the power-sharing assembly.

A quote from Fionnuala O Connor's book 'In Search of a State', "How do Catholics in Northern Ireland see themselves?

These two attacks combined produced 26 fatalities and over 200 injured.

The death of Lord Mountbatten, a close friend of Thatcher's, could be considered a defining moment in the nationalist struggle, but it may also be seen as making Thatcher more determined to clamp down on the violence and protests and secure British rule in Northern Ireland.


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