Homework Grade 1

Homework Grade 1-6
It also teaches time management and the ability to research and not rely on being spoon fed!

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this is their time to be free and to play as much as possible. ""More homework equals less imagination and free thinking.""I am a medical doctor with two university degrees.

Happy childhood makes happy adults and a better society.""If all they are doing is learning, playing sport, coming home to do homework, then dinner, bath and bed. Where is the time for them to reflect on what they’ve learnt? I got this far because I had time to play as a child.""My Grade 1 daughter does 1.5 hours of homework a day...""My son has had homework ever since he was 3 years old. We are working parents who get home after 6 every day and to sit with him and do, not just homework but speeches, spelling, maths and building of projects, it’s just too much.""My son is at an all-boys private school.

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It may be that your child needs extra help at home or is struggling because he missed lessons that apply to the homework. If she's reinforcing lessons already taught, did your child miss the material covered in class? The teacher might intend for you to work closely with your child on the homework and therefore might hand out more difficult assignments.

Homework Grade 1 Critical Thinking About Research

Ask the teacher about ways to make the homework load more bearable, either by cutting down the amount or providing more nights to finish the assignments.

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Here is a list of all of the maths skills students learn in grade 1!


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