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Given all this, it is a certainty that students will miss exams and other required activities. If you want to hear colleagues express frustration, ask them about make-up exams and assignments.Despite knowing intellectually that such absences will occur, teachers hope and pray, even in public institutions, that all of their students will take exams as scheduled.Teachers often become more aware of students’ out-of-class activities than they might wish.

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Whatever your procedures are for students who miss exams and required in-class work, they must be equitable, providing students equal chances to earn a good grade by demonstrating equal knowledge.

The hard part may be balancing academic rigor and accountability for what students are to learn with a fair and manageable process for those who miss required exams and assignments.

For example, at a small liberal arts school, where teaching is a faculty member’s primary responsibility, more time may be spent with students who miss exams or assignments, and more creative (time consuming) alternatives may be practical as compared with someone teaching classes of 300 or 500 or more in a Research I institution.

Teachers are not to cause students harm; we must treat them fairly and equitably, and they must be allowed to maintain their dignity (Keith-Spiegel, Whitley, Balogh, Perkins, & Wittig, 2002).

For example, even if you, a secretary, or a graduate student distribute and proctor make-up exams, problems can arise.

For example: I expect students to make every effort to take required exams and make course presentations as scheduled.Alas, such prayers are rarely answered, and teachers are faced with the practical issues of keeping track of students who miss exams and assignments, as well as managing make-ups.All of our advice, except that related to ethics, should be read through the filter of the type of institution where you teach, and the types of courses you teach and how large they are.Be thoughtful about the following: In-class Assignments The same considerations exist for students who miss in-class required presentations, or other graded work.If possible, students who were to present should be given opportunities to make up the assignment using the same grading criteria.Always err on the side of being “concrete.” If a make-up exam is at the university testing center, tell students where the testing center is.If you or a secretary hold make-up exams in an office, you may want to draw a map on how to get there.If you know in advance you will miss such a requirement, please notify me.If you are ill or other circumstances cause you to miss a required graded activity, notify me as soon as possible.It is not uncommon for students to fail to find the office at the time of the exam, and wander around a large university building.If you collect all copies of your multiple choice or short answer exams, you may be able to use the same exam for make-ups.


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