History Essay On Stalin

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In order to reach the required targets, new railway lines were built and the old ones upgraded.

A new agricultural system was introduced, bringing together numerous small farms into collective and state agriculture.

Thousands of new schools were built to provide basic education for all children and education was made compulsory.

Adult literacy classes, which were also emphasised, reduced the rate of illiteracy rate from 50% in 1924 to 20% in 1939.

The plan was to run from 1928 to 1933, and the objectives of this plan were: A state planning commission, the Gosplan, was empowered to direct the economic activities of the country.

The main aim of the Gosplan was to control the means of production and make recommendations to the government on issues regarding to the import and export of raw materials for manufacturing.Stalin: The First Five- Year Plans (1928-1933) Stalin believed that a strong economy needed a strong country.He felt that industrialisation was the key to achieving this strength and was convinced that the peasant class needed to accept socialism.The target of the first Five-Year Plan was to double production.Propaganda was used to inspire workers and to stress the significance of working together for a better future.The building of networks of hard-surface roads, and canal systems to link rivers for practical navigation became essential.The shortage of trains that were supposed to link various cities meant that some raw materials and food never reached their destinations in time.In December 1932, the First Five-Year Plan was completed.Rapid industrialisation had been achieved, although the quality was poor compared to western countries.Profits were divided three ways among the state, workers and a reserve operation fund to support community services such as schools, recreation centres and hospitals. These reforms introduced socialised farming to the masses and were made possible by the expertise of the capitalists who owned large individual farms during the rule of the Tsar and Lenin.It was Stalin's aim to see all farms nationalised, with the state becoming the sole owner.


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