Green Business Plan

Green businesses also focus heavily on the people their companies affect.

This includes not only their employees but also their customers and the community as a whole.

Socially responsible business decisions are the cornerstone of green businesses.

They aim to support the health, development, and well-being of people.

Green business embraces sustainable operating procedures, product and material sourcing, labour practices, and shipping methods.

The goal of green business is to eliminate any negative impact on the environment, on both a local and global scale.

Running a green business comes down to caring about your impact on the environment, the community, and people.

Not only does a green business make the world a better place, but you target a large audience dedicated to ethical consumerism, which helps your business thrive.

The GBC arose from a growing need for methods and practical tools that allow local government to engage the business community in climate protection and sustainability. In Charlottesville, VA, 78 businesses participated in 450 actions that have saved 0,000 and reduced CO2 by 1,823 tons.

For mutual benefit, businesses want to be recognized socially and environmentally in a positive light and have more economic and regulatory incentives to reduce their carbon footprint. Begin planning your own Challenge program today with ICLEI.


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