Gp Essay Questions

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They don't fact check, just make sure your lies are believable.

Quote believable sources related to your topic (environment - natgeo, education - PISA etc).

Also study quotes for hooks and stuff; not that important but they will help. Try to read ~3 times a week and the night before exam read all your evidence.

It'll stick in your head as you take your exam.

Once at home, re-read them and make additional notes ) use the Internet or any other related informative materials to enrich your knowledge.

These early months of your HSC classes are the most determining part.i used to be able to not study for essays at all, literally got a stomachache took a shit during my final secondary school english essay exam but still pulled the highest i just scrape along with D's and C's, and i find that i'm not too sure about how to go about studying for GP, since i never really studied for essays in the past.right now my plan is to compile general points for each topic (that can be adapted on the spot to fit the question) examples.Many students make the mistake of focusing on spamming examples.Oh, and during Alevels, 100% of my examples were made up.Things should be to such a point that ideas start flowing in your head in a logical manner.Just a thought – If I ask you about Pamela Anderson, you will say more than you are being asked. Because you have surely read, heard or seen things about her and most importantly this is an area of interest to you!If you have not given enough time, you will not be able to absorb much information in your head.Your teacher will probably point out what he will be doing for the next class.I was very weak in writing essays, perhaps partly due to the fact that I was a science student 3) To show that we can analyse, argue and discuss a given topic very intelligently and creatively Very often, students fail to choose a correct topic to write their essay, ending up in a waste of time and effort.This gives rise to a stressful mind, especially in exams where your time is limited.


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