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You might be tempted to write about this experience, but unless it was truly unique, consider skipping those boring ideas and go with a more unusual topic like one of the five listed here.

Yes, making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich might be considered a process, but these types of how-to processes read more like directions, rather than a description of a process.

With these three tips in mind, it will be easy to turn your fascinating and unusual topic into a superb essay.

If you’re looking for extra help turning descriptive essay topics into an essay, here are a few resources to set you on the right path.

Do you remember when teachers told you to show, not tell? Click here to learn more about using this strategy in your own descriptive essay.

If you’ve written a killer descriptive essay but just can’t decide how to end it, read 12 Essay Conclusion Examples to Help You Finish Strong and How to Write a Killer Essay Conclusion.

When you’ve finished your essay, don’t forget to have one of our editors review your paper.

Whether your subject is as small as a strawberry or as large as a fruit farm, you should begin by observing your subject closely.

My jaw dropped to the floor when I opened the door. Do readers really need to know how many steps are on your front porch, or do they need to know your door was freshly painted? These details aren’t important to your description of this event, so leave them out. Expressions, such as “my jaw dropped to the floor” and “packed like sardines” are overused and not original or creative.

Eight of my best friends were packed tightly like sardines in the corner, each holding colorful Happy Birthday signs. No, this doesn’t refer to common sense (though I do recommend you always use common sense).


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