Global Warming Is Not Man Made Essay

[10 Surprising Results of Global Warming] The Sun's Energy Scientists and astronomers have studied the impact of the Sun on the Earth's climate as far back as the early 1800s.

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"There aren't 'two sides' to the science, nor to the policy response," Schmidt said.

"This implies that the whole thing is just a matter of an opinion – it is not." Another group of scientists would disagree with Schmidt.

According to Schmidt, while the Sun does have some impact, it is definitively not the reason for current patterns of climate change.

“There is an effect,” Schmidt said, “but it is hard to detect in surface records, and is certainly not responsible for recent trends.” Orbital Change Another natural occurrence that has caused major changes in the Earth's climate in the past is shifts in the Earth's orbit. There is a wide acceptance among scientists that the Sahara transformed from a fertile grassland to a desert because of a change to the Earth's orbit.

This shift in how the Earth circled the Sun affected the amount of sunlight that region of Africa received.

The Earth's orbital tilt is said to vary between 22 and 25 degrees roughly every 41,000 years.

Herschel’s study didn’t make a big impact at the time because he did not have access to historical temperature records to make any useful comparisons.

However, there has been a significant amount of research conducted since then to show that variations in the Sun's energy output have an impact on changes in Earth’s climate.

“It may evoke some response so as to bring to the fore the substantial role of the natural forcing at work on the observed climate variability.” Mufti, however, did note that the evidence of the Sun and other natural forces being the primary cause for climate change is still inadequate.

“We do not rule out the natural forcings at work,” he said, “but there isn't enough quantitative evidence to say that natural forcings are the dominant cause of current climate change.” Pointing out the geopolitical sensitivity of the topic itself, Mufti was careful not to rule out anthropogenic effects.“We have made it amply clear that the anthropogenic origins cannot also be ruled out,” Mufti said.


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