Frida Kahlo Essay

Miraculously Kahlo regained the ability to walk, though she would be tortured by pain and fatigue throughout her life and would undergo more than 30 operations for her injuries."I never lost my spirit," she once said, "I always spent my time painting." After her recovery, Kahlo took up with a group of Mexican artists who introduced her to well-known Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera.

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Numerous books and articles have been written about her.

She has been the subject of three documentaries, and a feature film about her life was released October 25, 2002.

She was romantically linked with movie stars, artists, and politicians of many nationalities, many of whom came to visit her at the casa azul -- the blue house -- in Coyoacan.

All over the world people loved Kahlo and her work.

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She was praised by French surrealist André Breton, and wined and dined by Picasso when she visited Paris.

During her life she had three exhibitions: one in New York in 1938, one in Paris in 1939, and finally one in Mexico City in 1953.

The desire to be remembered was always a central theme of Kahlo's art, as reflected in the many self-portraits she painted (the images for which she is best known).

Once she embroidered a pillow for her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera, which read, "Remember me, my love." Kahlo's obsession with mortality is no mystery, as illness, severe pain and the threat of death repeatedly imposed themselves on her young life.


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