French And Indian War Essay

However, some historians argue that the French and Indian War was more significant, as its events and aftermath started Americans on the path to independence.The war tested the relationships between America and the mother country.The colonial government divided the colony into four military districts; Washington lobbied for the adjutancy of the Northern Neck, which included his home.

It ended with the fall of Fort Duquesne to the combined British and colonial forces.

He was a young and ambitious man when he volunteered.

As Albany was a British colony, it experienced the attempts of French invasion.

Nevertheless, it also experienced the pressure of the British troops who did not completely act like protectors.

The war both provided Washington with valuable military experience and shaped his perceptions of the relationship between the colonials and the British.

Washington emerged from the war as a less naïve person.Bibliography: Gipson, Lawrence Henry A view of the thirteen colonies at the close of the Great War for the Empire /Knopf / 1966.Many Americans think of the Revolutionary War as the pivotal event of eighteenth-century America because, to them, it represents the beginnings of our country.The war began with the French and Indians destroying the Hoosick settlement in 1754 and continuous destruction of other settlements, sometimes even with victims.French and Indian war (1754 - 1763) essay Introduction: The Great War for Empire is the name of the war that took place starting from 1754 and was over in 1763. This event made a high impact into the American history.As it was the time of colonial empires and the time of the constant fight from power many wars broke out as the result.It was basically fission of the territory among the strongest countries such as France, Britain and Spain.The colonial Albany in 1754 also got interfered into the conflict as they tried to consolidate their position through the Albany Plan of Union.This conflict gave Albany the advantage of adjusting contacts.His later decisions and actions were influenced by his French and Indian War experience.Washington’s war experiences not only taught him valuable lessons about command and politics, they also caused him to re-examine his professional and personal goals.


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