French Absolutism Essay

In this way, the people were trapped: they paid their taxes to a body that expanded as a result and that made it an even better collector of revenue.Such a system smacks very much of a Twentieth Century dictatorship such as Stalin’s and Hitler’s.

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The reigns of Henry IV and Louis XIV proved repeatedly that Bossuet's statement truly reflected absolute monarchy.

And fourth, it is subject to reason." These four features of absolutism can bee observed in the Bourbon Dynasty of France.

Henry IV and his adviser, the duke of Sully, helped create French absolutism.

He denied the nobility to have much say in how the government was run.

He was still a powerful ruler but in one sense he shared his authority with them.

When this system broke down, a country could descend into civil war.Class struggles were a major problem throughout the reigns of each king. Before the enlightenment people had accepted things as they were, but by the end of the His leading minister, Maximilien de Sully, reorganized the finances and promoted the economic healing of France after years of civil war.France was broken into three estates that were; the clergy, the nobility, and the common people. Things such as agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce were encouraged.Absolute rule replaced a system whereby the monarch worked with others.Prior to absolute rule, a king of France worked with the Estates.In an absolute society, the only person who could change the powers of the monarch was the monarch him/herself.As such, it is difficult to think in terms of an absolute monarch diluting his/her own authority and power.Famous for saying "L'estat c'est moi," or "I am the state," Louis was determined to control all aspects of French government and influence French culture.Like his grandfather Henry IV, he continued to weaken the influence and strength of the nobility.For those on the receiving end of absolutism, the army played a key role.In absolutist states, the army invariably collected taxes; a large part of this revenue was invested in the army which got larger and more powerful; a larger army was capable of becoming even more effective at collecting taxes which were then further invested in the army.


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