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Starting your own writing business is easier than ever, but making it work as a full-time gig is still challenging.This article will help you think through whether making writing your primary occupation or looking at writing as a side gig might be a good opportunity in 2018.

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Account for the clients who may fall by the wayside by setting quarterly and monthly goals.As you embark on your business plan, “shoot really big,” Johnson advises.Whether that means aiming for a better salary, more time with family, or more prestigious clients, thinking big provides more than just structure.Are you knowledgeable enough in certain spheres to create compelling writing?The pay an aspiring writer can expect at first might seem discouraging when compared to any mid-level office position.Top freelancer Virginia Sole-Smith takes her planning one step further.Because so many publications fold or get their budgets slashed, she advises writers to pad their goals: “Take your income goal…and add 25 percent.Parsing your plan monthly makes the money problem less overwhelming and helps you focus more on completing work.Of course, money isn’t the only essential in your business plan.Despite the demand for quality writers, and the increasing number of professionals in the field, there are not that many writers who actually make living exclusively from freelance writing.It’s not impossible, but to get there, they’ve been working hard for years.


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