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As a result, the newer interpretations offered here address some major unresolved quandaries in the history of Western culture.

As a result, the newer interpretations offered here address some major unresolved quandaries in the history of Western culture.

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Safie's affinity for the Christian religion is best shown in her revulsionat the prospect of returning to the Turkish land and her desire to marry a Christian and remain in Europe.

In addition to the her unique religious point of view, Safie was alsoinfluenced by her Arabian culture but, however, Shelley does not go into muchdepth this aspect of Safie and stops at only a superficial, prejudiceddescription of the Turks.

Hogle, "The Dream of Frankenstein: An Introduction" There are really two main "dreams" in Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein novel: Victor Frankenstein's daydream about the grand future effects of his creating artifical life and the nightmare into which he falls after he recoils from his finished creature in revulsion and exhaustion.

This second dream, quite complex, has become the subject of many interpretations, particularly in the twentieth century.

Many theorists, such as Benveniste who said, "Consciousness of self [orsubjectivity] is only possible if it is experienced by contrast," argue thatone's subjectivity can only exist in their relation to the Other(85).

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Thesubject's relation this "Other" depends on which aspect is being examined.

Strong contrasts can also be made in relation to the differencesbetween Safie's development as a foreign character and her subjectivity as afemale character in relation to those of the other female characters of the book.

While the other female characters lack depth into how their religion and cultureaffect them, Safie's religion and Arabian culture sculpt her into a subject withfeminist qualities juxtaposed against her fulfillment of European domesticideology.

This argument is supported by Edward Said'sstatement: For if it is true that no production of knowledge can ever ignore ordisclaim its author's involvement as a human subject in (their) This featured Essay On Frankenstein By Mary Shelley is one of many example essays available on this topic.

MARY SHELLEY's Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus grew out of a parlor game and a nightmare vision.


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