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Writers may submit up to two entries of 800 words each under a pen name to [email protected] by Oct.

This sovereign right belongs to the Filipino people and no government official can waive this sovereign right of the Filipino people without their consent.” The President later called Carpio, “stupid.” Truly unpresidential, but perhaps Justice Carpio, with his unquestionable intelligence and wisdom, will just humorously see the unintended compliment in this regrettable comment: the last time the President called someone stupid, it was no less than God himself.

The President’s ire stems from the belief the Philippines does not have jurisdiction over its own EEZ because the Constitution is binding only within the territorial limits of the sovereignty promulgating the Constitution.

Artists and craftsmen have appropriated this natural glue since antiquity.

Artists have used this material in the preparation of binding media and adhesives, the source for which was a commonly available fish protein.


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