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“Pirates lived a life full of killing, stealing, and searching for treasures”(Rogonzinski 258).This is very similar to Long John Silver s crew who will do absolutely anything to capture Flints treasure for themselves.

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” Pirates were usually characterized by their fancy clothing, the fine cordoba boots, the huge pendant gold ear-loops, even the display of weapons”(Carse 22).

This is similar to what Long John Silver and his crew wore.

For example, when Silver kept trying to hold his crew back from taking over the boat, they retaliated and served him a black spot (Stevenson 74).

When a black spot was served it meant death to whom ever received it.

Silver s crew makes several attempts to take over the ship but is unsuccessful with each try.

“Pirate crews were known to be drunken, blasphemous, and ferocious men”(Rogonzinski 257).Long John Silver had two big gold hoops in both of his ears (Stevenson 55).He also had an Floyd 3eye patch, a popular characteristic of pirates in the 16th century.Squire Trelawney was so impressed with Silver s cooking that he appointed him to be the cook on the journey to find Flints Treasure.Squire Trelawney takes Jim and the doctor to Long John Silver s to eat.This portrays the uncaring image displayed by pirates.Long John Silver and Jim had built a relationship based on trust.During their dinner Trelawney is convinced by Silver that his crew is the best around (Stevenson 109). On the journey to find the treasure Long John Silver gains Jim s trust and they become friends.When the treasure is finally found Floyd 2Silver takes Jim hostage in a desperate attempt to capture the treasure all for himself (Stevenson 118).He is known as a ruthless man and a criminal, but because of his ability to persuade, he gains Squire Trelawney and Jim s trust (Stevenson 109).Silver owns a seafood restaurant in which Squire Trelawney often attends.


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