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[tags: Terrorism, Religion, Irregular military, Jihad] - Given the growing global threats of terrorism, it is significant that an understanding of the history, nature and mechanism-premises under which terror operates is obtained.This is significant as it would shape the perspective of policy makers when addressing issues of this nature.

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These two aspects are: Muslim extremist targeted recruits and how the United States economy is intertwined.

The selection of literature that I have compiled is contextually different, because they are used for various other reasons....

The problem with having so many definitions for one term, specifically terrorism, is that it cannot be handled appropriately and in one single method....

[tags: Terrorism, September 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden] - Terrorism is a strategic violence or acts against civilians for certain parties to attain ideological, political or religious goals.

However, the current United States counterterrorism policy should be amended as it is counterproductive; and if it continues, our world will soon be filled with terrorists....

[tags: Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, United States] - The United States, like any large nation, experiences its fair share of domestic terrorism.[tags: Terrorism] - Terrorism is a term commonly known by many all throughout the globe.It is a threat to national security, civilians, military personnel, government agents, and so on.The term refers to unlawful use of violence or force against property or people in the effort of coercing the government or civilians to meet their political or social goals (Kellner, 2015a).Terrorism is one of the most challenging issues facing the world as dissatisfaction and objectives are changing every day in various regions.[tags: Terrorism, Federal Bureau of Investigation] - The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines terrorism as any act of violence or any dangerous act that that poses a threat to human life that violates federal and state laws.If the said violent acts are designed to try and influence the state government to act in any way through intimidation and/or coercion then that definitely is terrorism. As a result, our government is constantly seeking terrorists and terrorist organizations abroad that pose a direct threat to our country; however, what about the terror threat that thrives from within our borders....9/11 marks the beginning of the terror age in US History.The War on Terrorism has been fought for over a decade to try and bring an end to this foreign disease and to eradicate terrorists as a whole.As mentioned by Spindlove and Simonsen (2013), “Terrorism is clearly a very special type of violence.It is a tactic used in many situations: peace, conflict, and even war” (p. Even though, terrorism is widely known, not many may be aware that there are several definitions for terrorism.


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