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This paper has been written particularly for use by maintained schools without a religious foundation, although denominational schools may also find the paper helpful.

The Education Reform Act refers to a dimension of human existence which is termed the 'spiritual' and which applies to all pupils.

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This is more or less a compromise of sorts, what some people prefer to call as spiritual materialism, which does not guarantee liberation but gives you an ability to withstand the pressures of life with greater understanding and patience.

In today’s world, you may consider yourself a spiritual person, if you go beyond the immediate needs and concerns of your mind and body and search for answers about your existence and your relationship with the world around you.

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The potential for spiritual development is open to everyone and is not confined to the development of religious beliefs or conversion to a particular faith.

To limit spiritual development in this way would be to exclude from its scope the majority of pupils in our schools who do not come from overtly religious backgrounds.


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