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Hundreds of marchers were arrested, and on Easter Sunday King himself was put into jail.

At the beginning in the campaign eight clergy in Birmingham published a statement in the Birmingham Post Herald that called for racial harmony and an end to the demonstrations, which the clergy believed unwise, untimely, and extreme.

This allowed him to lead into his more logical counter argument as he connected segregation to unfair laws.

By generating a connection between unjust laws and segregation, he presented his viewpoint in such a way that it was almost undeniable and hard to resist.

King used outstanding word choice, such as dark depths and majestic heights, to exactly present his point-of-view.

He then followed it up with a statement that not only used logical reasoning to recognize the necessity for negotiation, but also utilized pathos to produce feelings of sympathy and remorse.

Headstrong city officials ordered police to let loose snarling dogs on the demonstrators and sent firefighters to wash them down the streets with fire hoses.

Millions of Americans were shocked when they witnessed these events on television.

While in jail for leading anti-segregation protests in Birmingham, King wrote a letter arguing that individuals have the moral duty to defy unjust laws (Martin Luther King Speeches, 2009).

Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Letter from Birmingham Jail" was written in response to "A Call for Unity" that was written by eight white clergymen.


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