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Since our lives depend entirely on water, it is our duty to think about water conservation and how we can contribute to it. Download now and get all your doubts cleared by our experts."Water conservation To your knowledge, 97% of our planet is covered in salt water that we cannot use for drinking.

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Tips to Get Started With Water Conservation Each summer, after the soil gets dry, dusty, and cracked, and the grass turns brittle and brown, people begin to think about water conservation.

But you needn't wait until water supplies have already dwindled to consider ways to save water; it's possible to do it all year long.10 Green Alternatives for Everyday Services By making some simple changes at home, you can begin saving water (and money on your water bill), and help prevent water shortages.

Try these tips to help with water conservation: Do You Need a Water Filter?

Make Water Conservation a Family Affair The fact is that we need more water every year than we can find.

• Remember to use brooms or rags to clean rather than using water.

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Next to air, water is the most important element for the preservation of life.You can also use stored water through rainwater harvesting for small-scale farming. Modern methods of water conservation Water conservation at home• Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth. • Try to buy energy-efficient appliances for your daily needs such as bathtubs, sink systems, dishwashers, etc.• Continue to check for leaks.A small leak in the sinks or toilets could result in the use of extra water. So, next time, be careful for such small leaks as this can help conserve water.For example: digging lakes, canals, ponds to collect water, and then installing filtration systems to use it can be a great help.This water can easily be used for gardening, lawn irrigation or for toilets. By following this practice, you can at least keep more than 150 gallons of water each month.Even the smallest members of the household can have a big impact on how much water you use. We have all developed the bad habit of letting the faucet run while we brush our teeth or wait for a cold glass of water.Teach your children and other family members the importance of saving water, and how easy it is to do.They'll grow up learning to be thoughtful about how much water they use each and every day.• With the use of geothermal water.• Saving water in industries• With the help of management of the floods, water can also be saved.• Water can also be saved by guiding municipal agencies.• Last but not least, water can also be conserved through the collection of rainwater.


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