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Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the us, is possibly greater applicable these days than most of the other Presidents of the early nineteenth the wake of the contested election of 2000 and amid growing lawsuits of the "dirtiness" of politics, we'd do well to appearance back to Jackson's dirty and hotly contested race for the Presidency in 1824, in which he received the famous vote but ultimately misplaced the Presidency after the election become thrown into the residence of Representatives.Jackson quick turned his attention to 1828 and won a stable victory in that 12 months.

The elections of 18 stand as a number of the dirtiest campaigns ever waged for the Presidency.

Jackson won the famous vote handily in 1824, but, after failing to win a majority of the electoral vote, lost the Presidency in a runoff within the house of Representatives.

His invasion of Spanish territory and his execution of British nationals sparked an worldwide incident–but he again successfully defeated the Indians.

President James Monroe appointed Jackson governor of Florida after it became bought from the Spanish, however Jackson resigned after just a few months to are seeking the Presidency.

He quickly discovered himself engaged in military affairs, and won the election to be main popular of the country militia in 1802.

in the course of his time in Tennessee, he engaged in various duels when he felt someone had threatened his honor–even killing a person once.

however, Jackson's wise managing of the scenario and robust appeals to the american humans avoided a catastrophe and killed the nullification motion.

Jackson spent much of his eight years as President trying to break the country wide financial institution, which have been chartered by means of Congress in 1816 as a national center for fiscal coverage.

After each have been seriously wounded via the sword of a British officer, Jackson and his brother had been herded into a prisoner-of-warfare camp where they gotten smaller smallpox.

This stint as a captive might fee Jackson's brother his lifestyles.


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