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A substantial number of these substance users were regular consumers, with almost one in four (23%) using marijuana at least four times a week.In addition to differentiating between substance use and abuse, the effect of alcohol needs to be partitioned from drug use since most users of illegal drugs also use legal drugs, including alcohol.Children are at big risk towards substance to either to follow or build up a lot of anger within each other.

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Being under the influence is the imbalance of your body fluids, so one’s actions can’t be controlled easily.

When families endure this violence of substance abuse it can put a heavy burden or give a positive outlook towards other to turn away from it.

Sexual identity conflicts and unhealthy sexual and intimacy attitudes in such couples have been reported by Coleman (1987).

A study was shown seven focus groups were conducted between August and December of 2002. Clinical supervisors and administrators recruited from New York State-licensed substance abuse treatment programs.

A researcher states that loneliness was related to marital attitudes, particularly less liking, less intimacy, and greater communication apprehension among husbands.

In example an experience of intimate partner violence and its mental health consequences are quite prevalent in India which is a culture where gender differences are normative observed (Varma 2007).You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Law Teacher.Families of the bride and groom negotiate transfer of assets to the groom and his family in exchange for marrying the bride, often within the context of an arranged marriage.Dissatisfaction with the amount of dowry may result in abuse of the bride.Two groups were conducted with counselors from residential programs.The results were seven focus groups with 41 staff members from 40 unique substance abuse treatment programs in New York City and Long Island, New York were conducted between August and December of 2002. Families where substance abuse occurs and families where woman abuse occurs often share characteristics: intergenerational transmission of the problem, frequent crisis states, the abuser blaming the partner for his behavior, the abuser forgetting details of the episode, isolation of the non abusive partner, retarded emotional development in the family, impulsiveness and low self-esteem among other family members, loss of control used as a coping mechanism, and a short-term payoff in tension reduction (Rogan 1985-1986).A study was shown that martially aggressive men were younger, exhibited more binge drinking, more verbal aggression, greater alcohol problem severity, earlier alcohol problem onset and stronger beliefs that alcohol causes marital problems.Domestic violence is more likely to occur particularly among younger men and men with an early onset of alcoholism.Men with alcohol problems have to be a higher rate of violence against their wives and that they tend to inflict more frequent and injurious assaults, other than a man who does not abuse alcohol.Stated by (Johnson 2001) “that it’s not definitively that alcohol because domestic violence, it has consistently emerged as a risk factor for partner abuse in studies that have specifically considered its contribution”.


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