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These people, often in the throes of financial troubles, turn to religion as a source of fulfillment and sustenance.

Also, the basic ideals of all religion are, on the average, the same: do not kill, do not steal, do unto others as you would have them do to you, honor your parents.

But here are a few guidelines if you’re considering writing about a potentially divisive topic.1. It should go without saying that you should be mindful of the type of colleges you’re applying to.

Some schools have established religious affiliations or prevailing ideologies.

If your essay clearly flies in the face of those things, a reader can’t help but wonder if that’s the right place for you.

Maybe you want to attend college with people who believe the same things you believe?Most colleges appreciate the vision of very different students actively sharing with—and learning from—each other.An interest in opposing viewpoints doesn’t show weakness in your resolve.Democracy has no price, but it does have an operating cost.Financing election campaigns is a debated issue and adequately regulating such financing is one of the great challenges for all democracies, including in Latin America.It just shows that you’re mature enough to understand not only that the world is a complex place, but also that there’s always more you can learn about it.For more on this subject, here’s some advice about topics that might be considered off-limits.But it takes effort and curiosity to learn about the issue you feel passionately about.Have you studied this in class, talked with your teacher, read books, or otherwise made an effort to learn about this? Colleges respect students who’ve worked to understand the complexities of an issue or belief.Or maybe you want to be exposed to different ways of thinking?Whatever your preference, make sure the colleges you select align with the learning and community that you’re seeking.2. You don’t get a lot of extra credit just for having a strong opinion (that’s available to anyone, informed or not).


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