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If there is a specific faculty member or course that attracts you to this program, name the professor or class and explain the appeal.Imagine where you want to be in ten years and then describe how the MBA and the university’s alumni network will help you get there.4. You have the freedom here to tell the reader exactly how you will contribute to their program.Admissions readers want candidates that will bring solid leadership skills and passion to their MBA program.

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Many candidates write what they think is expected to be in an MBA essay and end up wasting an opportunity to show the admissions committee their genuine value to the program.

One way to avoid this mistake is to imagine that you are face-to-face in an interview with the admissions officer who has just said ‘tell me about yourself.’ Where to start? Think about college internships and professional experiences.

What are the gaps or deficiencies currently preventing you from pursuing these potential career paths?

How do you plan to use your time in the Foster MBA program to fill these gaps and advance your career?

It would also make sense to include a few sentences about how your work experience has prepared you for these future roles, to set up the explanation of the gap in your skills and knowledge that you still need to gain in order to move successfully along this path.

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Detailed treatment of the ways specific elements of the Foster MBA program would help you to bridge the gap between your current skill set and their future plans.These tips will help you plan and write your own successful MBA personal statement.1.First, an important “don’t.” Don’t write what you think the admissions committee wants to read about you.For example, you could specialize in finance to work in the healthcare field, especially if that is where your current experience is.Share your knowledge by speculating on the growth outlook or future challenges for the healthcare industry.Think of it like having a map with the end destination already established—the reader will know where you are heading from the start and, therefore, have a foundation to understand the richer reasoning behind the path.You may therefore begin with a brief mention of long-term plans.Let your personality and business acumen shine through your words.Be concise, specific, and personal in your writing style.Okay – one more “don’t.” Don’t begin in your childhood with your lemonade stand, no matter how enterprising you were. Most MBA programs prefer candidates with some work experience so they can be strong contributors to the cohort, so start there.2. Make the story interesting with details that emphasize your good business sense and ability to think on your feet. This is an opportunity to tell the reader who you are, beyond the admissions file with all the standardized transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation.The way to do this is to share something about yourself that they will not learn from other parts of the application.


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