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The gender theory suggests how society typically expects men or women to do; how they behave and what kinds of personality attributes to associate with each gender (Hutson, Warne & Grover, 2012).

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The gender schema theory suggests that from an early age, children develop mental categories for each gender and that underlined awareness influences what they have learned and remembered and how they apply it to themselves and others.

Gender identification starts when we are troubled and continues throughout childhood and adulthood (Devor, 1989).

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Nature has made men and women different from the very outset in their inceptions when they became human beings.

Scientists in the medical field have found that the determination of basic sexual behaviours are not conditioned by society and the process of socialisation, but are innate- inherent during the very making of the babies in the mother’s wombs.

This essay will relate sex in comparison to gender and eventually how the latter develops.

The term “sex” refers to the genetic makeup, internal reproductive organs and the organization of the brain of individuals that distinguish them as male or female.

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