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Today, University of Sydney urbanism researchers Alistair Sisson and Dallas Rogers narrate a recent essay they wrote for the journal Australian Geographer on boom and bust cycles in major Australian cities.

Another method I would use in the first session would be to assign a piece of work in order that I be able to ascertain their approach, strengths and understanding early in the course, which will help me better meet learners’ needs.

If appropriate, I may also administer a literacy and numeracy assessment and use the results to gain an insight to the learners’ competencies and needs.

As part of the course I am teaching I would follow the five inter-connected stages of the teacher cycle: identify needs; plan and design; deliver; assess; and evaluate.

Next, I will address how I will work through each stage in helping to define my role and responsibilities as a teacher.In this planning and designing stage of the cycle, I would maintain my boundaries by allocating tasks and responsibilities to my learners and myself appropriately, taking into account their needs identified within the first stage. The current process of registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa was implemented in January 1998.I would seek to gain an understanding of my learners’ capabilities by obtaining their application forms or records and looking at their qualifications, educational and professional experience and special needs requirements.In addition, I would administer a learning styles questionnaire as an integral part of the course and discuss with the learners their preferences and needs in relation to the course.The second stage of planning and designing would involve me considering the length of the course and of each lesson; the syllabus and assessments; the resources available during class (for example a teaching room with computers for each student and a screen at the front of the class) and that students can access away from the class (for example the internet); the outcomes from the first stage (identifying needs); the requirements of the awarding body for the course; a lesson plan for each session; and I would practise the delivery.It would be worthwhile for me to spend some time especially on considering the results of the preferred learning styles questionnaires, and as much as possible integrating a range of teaching methods to suit the four distinct learning preferences as defined by Honey and Mumford (2000), as Activist, Theorist, Pragmatist and Reflector.It is this working with experience that is important in learning." When a person is experiencing something, he or she may be implicitly learning; however, it can be difficult to put emotions, events, and thoughts into a coherent sequence of events.When a person rethinks or retells events, it is possible to categorize events, emotions, ideas, etc., and to compare the intended purpose of a past action with the results of the action.This is discussed below through a focus on the teacher/training cycle based on the learning cycle as developed by Kolb (1984).It is important for me to be clear about my role as a teacher as part of my duty of care to my learners.


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