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By discussing possible casting choices for a movie adaption, you can learn how others saw the characters in their minds versus how you created them in your own.

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When the conversation starts to lull, these questions can bring it back to life.

Book clubs are often seen as simple social get together, a challenging way to read more books, or an excuse to drink wine on a weeknight (as if you needed one, right? Sure, book clubs are a great way to meet new friends, get together with old ones, and up your monthly reading quota, but they're also a place where book-lovers can come together and discuss, dissect, and disagree over every little detail of a book.

Is it a narrator who you can trust and rely on, or do they have ulterior motives in the way they tell it?

Unreliable narrators are among the most intriguing characters to discuss, so use this question as a starting point to really explore them.

In many books, the setting is a significant part of the story, even acting as a character itself.

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Use this question to explore what made the setting of your reading selection so important, and how it affected the events of the story.

They're a space meant for lively arguments over plot twists, character flaws, and alternative endings.

They're like your high school English class, only this time, you read and actually liked the book your talking about, which makes the whole thing much more fun.

Before diving into the heavier plot points or contesting the ending, start your book club discussion off at the beginning of the book by finding out everyone's first impression.

It will give you a jumping off point to discuss what about the selection kept you turning the pages, and what made it difficult to get through, all information that will help you pick an even better book next time around.


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