Essay Questions All Quiet On The Western Front

Essay Questions All Quiet On The Western Front-41
Paul is carrying Kat to safety when he doesn’t even realize that Kat is dead until after an orderly tells him so. ‘He is stone dead’…’He had been hit in the shin’ I [Paul] say.Paul failed to realize the extent of Kats injuries.

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It shows how they know that there are men out there on the battlefield wounded and dying. Another great example of this theme is the realization of death.If the soldier allowed himself to feel emotions, he would die far sooner, or go mad.Accordingly, the soldiers either make light of war--they bet over an airplane dogfight, for instance--or become pragmatic rather than sentimental (the fight over Kemmerich's boots, for instance).Paul vows to repress his feelings until after the war, but even he cannot deny the profound pain he endures.Paul's disconnection emerges again when he visits home.Another example of Lost Generation is its most known and literal meaning, a generation of lost soldiers. He lost all hope of ever recovering and he became depressed to some extent. “To no man does the earth mean so much as to the soldier.A great example of this is when Paul has just witnessed his fellow comrade Franz Kemmerich die. ” (Remarque 55) The men have lost all sense of comfort unless they are on the ground.Kat’s death causes Paul to lose some of his sense and soul.Kat was more than a comrade to him he was everything to Paul. Among those are “Destruction of War,” “Shared Humanity” and “Lost Generation.In the foreword, Remarque states, “This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession…It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war.


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