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Though it is composed in prose, it reads like poetry.

According to the Academy of American Poets, the form is traced to the French symbolist poets of the nineteenth century.

The prose poem is a popular form of modern and contemporary poetry, composed in prose, not verse.

It is the standard style of writing used for most spoken dialogues, fictional as well as topical and factual writing, and discourses.

It is also the common language used in newspapers, magazines, literature, encyclopedias, broadcasting, philosophy, law, history, the sciences, and many other forms of communication.

Some works of prose do have versification, and a blend of the two formats that is called “prose poetry.”Following is a poetry verse from a popular work of Robert Frost:“The woods look lovely against the setting darkness and as I gaze into the mysterious depths of the forest, I feel like lingering here longer.

However, I have pending appointments to keep, and much distance to cover before I settle in for the night, or else I will be late for all of them.”These examples of prose have been taken from novels, where the writers have employed their imaginations. Prose used in speeches often expresses thoughts and ideas of the speaker.“You can see that there is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow (of death) again and again before we reach the mountain tops of our desires.”These prose examples have been taken from speeches where the writing is often crisp and persuasive, and suits the occasion to convey a specific message.

They are used to create written works, from epics to songs to novels to essays.

While poetry and prose are two different forms of writing with many similarities and differences, both are valid creative art forms that preserve life’s moments.

With the few confinements, prose tends to be easier for writers to employ.

Prose is used to compose a variety of works, such as short stories, novels, essays, plays and other literature.


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