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The Future of our Precious Environment The most effective way of sustaining the environment has been an enduring, controversial argument.

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Wilson explains in The Solution, an “environmental ethic” that will make people feel responsible for their fragile environment and replenish what is taken from it (510).

This will prevail in contemporary American society, because a balance between civilization and the environment will allow for modern, developed countries, which damage the environment most, to be sustained.

Pollution of various element sof out ecosystem like air,water, soil and sound has caused serious damage already.

In Man's quest for a better life and his mad rush for material possessions has forgot , or rather chose to ignore the impact of his deeds on the environment.

World Environment day is celebrated every year on June 5th .

It was celebrated in 1973, for the first time, inspired by conference on Human Environment by United Nations.We all can contribute in our small way by saving fuel,water and electricity,disposing garbage responsibly and living simple lives.It is the responsibility of each one of us to safeguard the environment so that future generations can enjoy the beauty and bounty of Mother nature.Normally people find it cumbersome to sift through countless composition books each time they need to find an essay. Pollution is probably the most serious issue facing the world today.Yet we keep on turning a blind eye to it,believing that it won't affect us.Others understand that it is impossible to draw a line between civilization and the environment, but there can be a balance between the two.This is what Gifford Pinchot argued through his idea of conservation, which he defines as “the wise management of natural resources” (Hott & Garey).Various debates, speeches, art and paintings, rallies, quizzes are held as a part this campaigns.Many schools, colleges and offices also take part in this by participating in the competitions, tree planting, cleaning public places, recycling, global warming etc.Pollution has lead to global warming which has disturbed the global climatic pattern.winters have become warmer,frequency of droughts and floods has increased,and rainfalls have become unpredictable.Things have got to such a level that life on earth itself is under threat.


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